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They have cared for all of our loved ones as they transitioned….. my family couldn’t have been in better hands…. The compassion love and respect the entire staff gives, it’s a true testament of platinum services. Our family is their family…..

The Bling Bar, LLC
February 29, 2024

Sacred recently provided services for a friend of mine. I was very pleased with his service from start to finish. I highly recommend Sacred in your time of need.

Cathy Ward
February 28, 2024

This was the second time in less than a year that my family has needed the services of the Sacred Family. From the pick up of the body to last service at the final resting place, the professionalism, customer service and the genuine care for the families needs was amazing by Myron Sanders and his Sacred Team members. I highly recommend Myron Sanders and the Sacred Family.

Sheron Hopkins
February 23, 2024

I was referred to Sacred Funeral Home by my aunt, and from the moment we met with Andrea she exemplified the professionalism Sacred represents. I am extremely thankful for their compassion, their attention to detail and the overall service they gave to my family. We were very pleased with the whole Sacred experience and highly recommend them. My husband looked wonderful which gave my soul peace!
Thank you Sacred family!

Brenda Pearson
February 22, 2024

First of all, the Player (Graham, Quick) families want to thank Sacred Funeral Home for everything when Verna Mae Player (Mama Player) took God's hand to Heaven when He called her name.

Sacred Funeral Home was called and Pastor Dedrick Jennings showed up and he prayed before leaving. I realize now that mama was in good hands and knew it was God that put the right funeral home in charge. Thank you Jesus.

We were called days later to come in to make arrangements, and Dedrick Jennings prayed for us before getting started. Sacred Funeral Home was a surprise to me. The building is nice and looks pretty inside. All the staff members were well dressed; in fact, after looking at Dedrick Jennings I asked him if I could wear his shoes and drive the antique car. He did tell me no both times but things got better. Sacred Funeral Home gave the Player family a $500 discount at no charge on the very first day making arrangements. The day we had the celebratory service our relative called a family member from the church about the funeral coach hearse and we were totally surprised because Sacred Funeral Home gave us an upgrade at no charge to the Rolls Royce hearse; they gave us an upgrade at no charge with the Mercedes Benz limousine van; they gave us a free big cloth memorial portrait. We got free upgrades at no cost probably worth about $1,000+. I may have forgotten some other upgrades.

Myron D. Sanders was great. Thank you Chandra Gerald-Jennings. Dedrick Jennings has preached at the church that I attend; he also was a member of the church that I attend; he is just like family.

Finally, I learned about interpersonal communication, management, servant leadership, and social responsibility in undergraduate and graduate school at Dallas Baptist University and Sacred Funeral Home has all those qualities. I highly recommend Sacred Funeral Home!

Warren Player
February 6, 2024

Compassionate and Professional Service!

My Aunt and I recently had the unfortunate task of arranging our loved one's funeral, and Sacred Funeral Home exceeded all expectations in handling the entire process with compassion and professionalism. From the moment we walked through the doors, we were greeted with warmth and empathy from their staff.

The facilities at Sacred were immaculate and provided a serene atmosphere for both mourning and remembrance. The attention to detail in every aspect of the service was evident, from the beautifully decorated facility to the comforting amenities available to guests.

The staff (Jason, Andrea, and Dedrick) went above and beyond to accommodate our needs and preferences, ensuring that every aspect of the funeral was personalized and meaningful. They were incredibly patient and supportive throughout the planning process, offering guidance and assistance every step of the way.

During the funeral service itself, the staff demonstrated a remarkable level of professionalism and respect. Which allowed us to focus on honoring our loved one without any added stress or worry.

Overall, I cannot recommend Sacred Funeral Home highly enough! Their compassionate staff, beautiful facilities, and attention to detail truly made a difficult time more manageable. If you find yourself in need of funeral services, look no further. Sacred will ensure that your loved one receives the farewell they deserve.

Arrika Johnson
February 6, 2024

During trying times, its important to be supportive, considerate, empathetic, and compassionate. Few people in business, religious circles, or otherwise understand that. We dealt with several people who sought to take advantage of us at a time of great need,. There were others who even tried to create additional burdens than the ones we were already carrying. BUT GOD.... through His revelation, led us to Sacred for our funeral home needs. The other places we needed to go for other needs, all fell into place.

The staff at Sacred, acted with all of the positive aforementioned qualities of what a funeral home are supposed to have, throughout the entire experience.. They exceeded everything we were expecting and their dedicated staff was patient with us, allowing for an amazing experience overall.

My family had been in the dumps for several weeks in part due to having to transfer the body of our loved one two times, as things did not happen as they should have previous to Sacred. Sacred showed us how things were supposed to have been done, made everything come together expeditiously, and brought everything submitted to them to life. On the third transfer, God resurrected us from those dumps and set our souls on high. It was akin to (obviously on a different level) being translated out of darkness unto His marvelous light.

Even after the funeral, our family still receives feedback on how everything went. People are talking about it with their friends and family members. They are changing from their present funeral arrangements to Sacred. While its important to do your own work to give your loved one a good send off and tribute, Sacred was an important contributor in the process who's efforts can not be discounted. Thank God for, and God bless Sacred,. May they continue to act with integrity. I pray that their business reap the benefits of having a compassionate heart and empathetic spirit. Excellent job and standing ovation to the staff. Myron and Dedrick, I want to give special recognition to. You're in a different class. Even while grieving, we still have things to smile about. Thanks for being one of those reasons,.

Maurice B. Simmons
January 30, 2024

I really enjoyed Sacred Funeral Home's service with my mother's wake and funeral service. Andrea Manson was very nice and helpful to me as I spoke with her to plan my mother's service. And Mr. Jennings and the entire staff really setup my mother's services very beautifully and made me very comfortable throughout the entire process. After my mother's services, I received compliments about how she looked and how wonderful the entire service was created. Their facility is very clean and beautiful and they make you very comfortable with caring for your loved one once they have transitioned, especially when you are grieving. They really listen to your needs and wants for your loved one. I'm very glad I found Sacred Funeral Home and they were able to care for my mother during this sad time in my life.

LaToya Haynes-Piper
December 11, 2023

Excellent service excellent staff i truly recommend Sacred for the comfort and total commitment they provided during this difficult time as i prepared to lay my daughter my only child to rest and a special thanks to Andrea you are marvelous everything was beautiful God bless you all.

Joetta Ogletree
November 12, 2023

No one ever wants to have to think about laying a loved one to rest and all that it entails. When that times comes think about trusting this funeral home. Excellent! I left my loved one in the care of Sacred Funeral Home and I don't have enough words to express my full gratitude and appreciation. Everyone is kind and caring, as well as patient. The chapel is perfect. The experience was peaceful.

Meka McNeal
August 28, 2023

The services that my family received at the time of homegoing of our beloved Paulette Cornish met our need and far exceeded our expectations. Myron Sanders was professional, compassionate and detail-oriented. He took so much of the burden off of us and treated us life family. Thank you, Mr. Myron, for your wonderful service.

Irene Cornish
August 21, 2023

Great customer service! Even though the owner Chandra was never in the office, her staff did an awesome job in her absence. We felt safe entrusting Sacred with our loved one during our time of bereavement. God Bless You!

M. Pratt-Walker
August 17, 2023

I was very pleased with everything from beginning to end. Sacred Funeral Home is truly the best!

Wanda Wallace
August 15, 2023

Mr. Myron Sanders is the bomb! He has a gift from God that allows him to smoothly operate with the highest standards in his profession. His professionalism, concern, attentiveness, and genuine care for people in their most difficult time of need is unmatched. Any questions that we had, he had a direct answer. The service provided for Yung Nicco was the best service I have ever attended. It was nearly 1,000 people there, Mr. Sanders and his staff kept control of the entire service with perfection and professionalism. I highly recommend Mr. Sanders and his staff to take care of you during your time of bereavement.

Joyce Nichols
August 3, 2023

The wonderful people at Sacred took care of all my needs. Sandra my driver was very professional and stayed by my side the entire time.

Jeanette Glass
June 29, 2023

To the staff of Sacred Funeral Home;

We cannot thank you enough for the professionalism, thoughtfulness and care that you bestowed upon our family during the most difficult time of our lives. It was important to us all that our Mother be cared for and treated with the utmost respect as we prepared ourselves to say goodbye. We are fully confident that Sacred provided that. In times of grief it is important that the most difficult part of sending our loved ones home is made just a bit easier by a funeral home that knows exactly how to support you on this journey. We extend gratitude to each of you. Special thank you to Andrea, Myron and Mr. Dedrick. In the most difficult of times your sincerity, kindness and guidance got us through something we never dreamed possible.

God bless you all.

- The Ezell Family.

Chelby Mark
June 2, 2023

It is with great appreciation that I write this testimonial for Sacred. They handled the services for our loving husband and father, Edwin Swanigan. Without hesitation, I can say that every detail was handled with precision, accuracy, professionalism, and the highest care and concern. They helped to ease our grief by the way they carried out the excellent service.

Sharon Swanigan
May 16, 2023

Myron you don’t understand how much I appreciated you and the Sacred team today❤️. This was a sad but amazing experience today.

Sheron Hopkins
May 13, 2023

Excellent service!

Tammy White
March 20, 2023

This is the second time in 2 years we have used Sacred Funeral Home and they are still the same, THE BEST! Myron and his staff went above and beyond what we could think of once again. Our mother home going service was beautiful. All requests were met, services started on time, our mom looked great, nicest programs I’ve seen beside my nephews, that they did. Again we highly recommend Sacred.

March 17, 2023

Special Thanks to Sacred Funeral Home for helping my family in our time of need. Mr. Jennings & Mr. Myron was so kind, and professional. They sensitivity to our family's needs was very comforting.

Pat T.
March 13, 2023

They are wonderful to work with. Kind, loving, compassionate and priced well. Couldn't recommend them more if you and your family are in need. Thank you for all your help and support!

Mary Holt
March 3, 2023

I attended a service here today at 12:30 & was impressed. I’ve always attended funerals in a church setting. The hospitality, professionalism and customer service is Top Notch. This facility is immaculate, pristine and omg the DECORE…It’s decorated very nicely and gives you a homey feeling. You can tell they invest in their building. I noticed their fleet & coming from under an ice storm, their units were already washed and waxed. Highly Recommend !!!!

Mel R
February 22, 2023

Our mom, great grandmother, aunt and friend passed away. From the start of the process until the very end Sacred took very good care of our family and loved one. My mom looked beautiful, as if she was sleeping. The services started on time and we were kept abreast of everything going on. In your time of need, you want things done in an orderly fashion. You also want the ease of planning, lack of stress and attentiveness. I can’t stress enough how attentive the representatives at Sacred Funeral Home were towards the family. Oftentimes people never praise the good a business does, but are quick to point out the negative. I pride myself on giving credit and compliments where they are due. Sacred came through for our family and as the song goes “I won’t complain” because there was only a high level of service provided, and that is such a blessing.
The Dyer Family

Linda Dyer Goodson and the Dyer Family
February 17, 2023

It is with great gratitude that we want to say thank you for all the prayers, food, calls, texts, words of encouragement and support during this very difficult time. Special thanks to Dedrick and Chandra Gerald-Jennings and the Sacred Funeral Home Staff. along with Mr. Platinum himself (Myron D. Sanders) and Our Deacon (Kevin Henderson) for taking great care of us. Forever in our hearts.

Andrea Houston
January 31, 2023

White glove treatment! Is just a sentiment to say job well done with care! Sacred Funeral Home did an excellent job with my mother. Their team of experts consist of Jennings, Sandra, Myron, and others who worked diligently to ensure my family received what we wanted for mom's homegoing. I highly recommend their service!!

Lorrie Bursey
January 3, 2023

I highly recommend Sacred Funeral Home for the loving way they cared for me and my family during the worst time of our lives, and for the honor and respect they had for our beloved mother. Brother Jennings was comforting and concise with all of the paperwork and logistics. Our funeral preparations included out of state transport, plus travel from Dallas to Corpus Christi, TX (6 hours away). They handled EVERYTHING: flowers and plants on pedestals, memorial paraphernalia. They even had my mother's name on the hearse that carried her.
Most importantly, my mother looked so BEAUTIFUL. Her skin was perfect, her face was full. She looked like herself before the sickness. Sis Marchant did a lovely job with my mother's hair. I am so thankful to Sacred for giving us a final look at my mother resting easy and looking gorgeous

Angela Burley
December 12, 2022

It is rare in this day and time to use the word "Exceptional", however; that is exactly what describes the love and care that we felt from sister Sandra Marchant during my mothers funeral on yesterday. It was obvious that she went above and beyond what her job called for her to do. As a business owner myself I can tell you that sister Marchant represented your company with grace, kindness and genuine care. The entire Sacred team was first class from the moment we sat down to consult with them until they laid my mother to rest. I will forever be grateful for the professionalism and kindness you showed to my family on such a tough day for us all. Be assured that when GOD calls any of us home moving forward we will look no further than Sacred Funeral service for our needs. May GOD bless you and your "Exceptional team".

Rick Black
November 13, 2022

Sacred Funeral Home has been a godsend to me. They were there for me when I thought my chances were slim to none . I was referred to Sacred Funeral Home by another Funeral Home, the director felt that he could not help my needs to do the cost of the actual funeral and burial. So I was referred over to Sacred Funeral Home Where'd Mr. Jennings, A god-sent man was able to take what I had and make the most beautiful arrangement for my mother. They went above and beyond what I had to work with. They took my mom and made her more beautiful in her death than she was alive. They brought out the essence and who she really was, and what she loved to do. We were able to feel her spirit around the room and everything was of Love, Grace , and GOD. Francis, Myron, and Mr. Jennings has gone above and beyond my expectations. Though the process of Burying my mom this was my first funeral, And they made me feel as if I've done this 10 times before. It was such an easy process with them They just gracefully took over . I'm so indebted to Sacred Funeral Home, I just can't even think of how I could repay them for all the help and love that they showed me during this process. Myron, Francis , Mr Jennings my heart goes out to you all , To the fullest. You guys are deeply appreciated. And a forever family to me in my heart. I thank you so much. I appreciate you, and am very grateful. Thank you!

Shebeso Fly
September 29, 2022

I am writing this testimonial as an observer my brother-in-law passed away very unexpectedly his wife and daughter did not know where to begin but Sacred Funeral Home was called to collect his body from the hospital that where their service begins my sister requested was, he is to look at natural as possible that was met with more than we expected. From the first meeting with Chandra, she provided professional and compassionate and that lasted until the day he was buried there was never a feeling of disrespect of taking advantage of our grief. Thank you, Sacred Family, for making this challenging time more bearable.

Lucy Allen
September 8, 2022

Words cannot begin to express the appreciation that our family has for Sacred Funeral Home. One year ago today, my beautiful daughter, Hanan Ali Lacy, was laid to rest with services provided by Sacred. From the initial telephone call to the follow-up phone calls to offer support, Sacred provided impeccable service. The entire team, especially Chandra and Myron, were by our sides every step of the way. Chandra and Myron listened to our vision for Hanan's service, and they never said "no". Through the viewings, small family funeral, large public memorial service followed by a parade, to the private committal service; Chandra and Myron made it happen with impeccable class and style. Every detail was addressed, and every wish that we had was granted. From the memory blanket, to the glass casket, to the two programs that Myron created, our budget was respected. Chandra calmed us when tensions ran high and Myron worked overtime to address our last minute changes. We felt like family, instead of clients. We received 10 star service and attention the entire time. Hanan was absolutely beautiful! The flowers were lush and gorgeous,. The Crystal Viewing Room twinkled with soft candlelight. The gloved staff with spike silver pumps were over the top. And the fleet of cars, including the Rolls Royce hearse with Hanan's name on both sides left us speechless. Thank you Sacred! We will never forget what you did for our family and most of all for my beloved daughter, Hanan.

Alecia Bilton-Ward
June 21, 2022

Mr. Myron Sanders and his staff were very friendly and dedicated to making sure all we needed was taken care of. Top notch service! From the first call until the burial, everything was exceptional. I'm sure we got on Mr. Myron's last nerve, but he remained very professional in dealing with our requests. The memorial blanket we were surprised with was beautiful, it captivated everything our mother loved to do while alive. Mr. Myron even drove us the day of the funeral service, we were very shocked that a manager would take time to be at our mother's service. We HIGHLY recommend Sacred Funeral Home.

Evelyn Richardson
June 3, 2022

Sacred did a wonderful job with my sister's homegoing service. The staff was compassionate and patient with my family. My family was put at ease to see how my sister was presented for her final resting place. I highly recommend Sacred funeral home.

Brenda Clemons-Jones
May 14, 2022

Sacred Funeral Home did an outstanding job for my brother's funeral after an unexpected death. Their compassionate, professionalism, and kindness was seen throughout the entire staff.

Ava Wright
May 2, 2022

We highly recommend Sacred Funeral Home when death occur. At first, we were leery about using them because we never have but have always seen their facility on our way home. The first person we met was Mr. Myron Sanders. He greeted us very compassionately like he has been knowing us for years. We express that our father passed and was clueless on what to do. After taking us to the conference room, the first thing he did was offered us something to drink, his condolences and a prayer. A PRAYER, not how much money we had, but a prayer and condolences. We immediately fell in love with him. His manicured nails, sense of humor and the fragrance of his cologne didn't make it any better. Sacred took care of my father, and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. Myron was so caring and professional, he helped us dress my father, told us what suit and tie to use, what didn't match, what did match, suggested what programs best fitted us, even help picked flowers and colors. Myron told us from the beginning, we are not the cheapest funeral home, but we are definitely the best, and that statement stuck with us and remains with us because Sacred proved THEY ARE THE VERY BEST! Thank you so very much for all you did for my father. God bless you.

April Wilson
April 25, 2022

Recently, our family entrusted Sacred with the final services for my father. From the initiative consultation to the day of his celebration, Sacred provided an experiences that was beyond excellent. The quality of customer service was high. The staff was friendly, kept every promise, knowledgeable, attended to the details, and remained professional at all times. I was also impressed with the wide range of options. Sacred is a one-stop-shop. The quality of the in-house design and printing of the programs made them precious keepsakes for everyone. The in-house flower service provided a beautiful selection of sprays. Everything being housed in one place made this very convenient for my family and I. It was clear to us that the staff cares, and we are thankful.

Jonathan M.
April 16, 2022

We have always used Evergreen, but after attending the funeral of church member Taniqua Jenkins... my family and I have decided that Sacred Funeral Home is the place to be when death occur. I could go on and on about the experience at Sacred, from the warm greeting at the front door, beautiful chandeliers throughout the building, clean restroom, the beautiful full casket spray, the presentation of the body, the limos, the awesome customer service, the elaborate funeral programs, the men working the service wearing gloves, OMG where have this place been? This is an African American establishment that need to be highly publicized and supported. Sacred ROCK!

Olivia Watson-Finley
April 6, 2022

Sacred Funeral Home provided excellent customer service. All responses ad requests were prompt and professional. Clearly, this is a class A establishment and so glad my family chose them.

Charlotte Addison
March 17, 2022

We the family of Marilyn Chappel would like to give a special thanks to Myron Sanders and Sacred Funeral Home for a job well done. Myron did an outstanding job with our mother and grandmother's service. He and the Sacred staff went above and beyond for our Family. I hope to not need to contact Sacred for a funeral any time in the near future, but I will not hesitate to use and recommend them going forward.

Vetta Chappel
January 27, 2022

One word (MYRON). Myron is an experience all by himself. I just wanted to say Sacred Funeral home is amazing. Mr. Myron, Mr. Jennings and others, took care of us very well. If you want 1st class service, Scared Funeral Home is the best place to have your loved one. Our father, Mr. George Odufuwa looked great and was well taken care of. They definitely provided the platinum service and experience they advertise.

November 15, 2021

Great Work

November 13, 2021

Mrs . Sandra M. was very helpful and professional thank you for your help

Jessica O
November 13, 2021

Thank you Sacred staff for serving my family in the home going of my mother Rosetta Stanley. Everything was done in excellence, professional and efficient from start to finish. I commend you for your outstanding commitment. I will gladly recommend you guys to anyone looking for such trusted services. I know they will not be disappointed.

Thanks again,
The Stanley Family

Eleasa Johnson
October 5, 2021

Thank you Sacred Funeral Home for showing my family tender loving care during our darkest hours. We appreciate your patience and professionalism; you all treated us as if we were family. We would like to thank Andrea and Chandra for offering wonderful suggestions as we made arrangements. The video Myron created was absolutely beautiful!
Our chauffeur, Sandra, was amazing! She showed compassion and tender loving care to my family as she gave instructions and drove us to the church and cemetery safely.

Jackie Ellis
September 19, 2021

I highly appreciate the professionalism shown by Sacred Funeral Home in the care of my husband Joe Douglas Pickens. To Mr. Myron Sanders and Mr. Dedrick Jennings thanks to you and your staff for an awesome job well done in preparing the homegoing of Joe Douglas Pickens. Thanks to Ms. Sandra for her compassionate care to the family in making us feel exceptionally special during this time. Thanks to Bro. Thomas F. for rendering that special song at the DFW National Cemetery.

Joice Prince-Pickens
September 1, 2021

In the mist of it all Ms Sandra picked us up and got us to and from safely. She was very focused on making sure our family had one less worry with transportation and making sure we were comfortable and hydrated. Blessing to her and Sacred funeral with taking of Our Bounus mama

Alisha Turner
August 28, 2021

Par Excellent! Beginning to End. From the initial call, Consultation to the Final Thank you for entrusting Sacred Funeral Home. My sincere Thanks and Appreciation to Owners: Chandra & Dedrick Jennings, Myron Sanders, and the Ceremony Assistant/Chauffeur- Ms. Marcshon and the entire staff for walking with me on this Final Resting Place journey for my love❤ Willie Lonnell Galloway.

Lisa Frazier-Galloway
August 26, 2021

I was so pleased with everything! They treated my family and I like family. I didn’t have to correct anything from the programs to the service. Everything was perfect. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that’s looking to plan services for a loved one.

Jessica Allen
August 22, 2021

Sorry, it has taken over 2 months to write the review, but I would like to express my overwhelming satisfaction with the way Sacred Funeral Home handled my husband’s services. From the very start to the finish, I was very pleased with the entire staff on how they were Compassionate , Caring, Accommodating, Very Professional and Especially Affordable.

Myron and his staff were always timely in relaying information, on returning phone calls, along with working with us on our Special needs that we requested. From Day One when they picked up my husband’s body from the VA hospital in a timely manner and allowed us to see him when we were refused this request at the VA hospital to the exceptional job they did on making my husband look sooo natural and peaceful that gave us much comfort as if he was just calmly sleeping.

Myron and the staff did an exceptional job on the programs with just the basic information that I gave them about my husband’s likes and hobbies. The slideshow presentation was impeccable and showed very well throughout the viewing services and the Homegoing service. The chapel where the Services were held was also Top of the Line along with Viewing Rooms and Very Nice Size Accommodating Chapel even with the COVID Protocols.

Frances also did an excellent job on the day of the service tending to my every need. There was only a slight problem with the audio being played at the Homegoing service, that delayed some of the time, but once Myron was alerted about it, he quickly resolved the issue. I had family and friends to tell me they were very impressed with the Service and how beautiful it was and I would highly recommend Sacred Funeral Home to everyone for a Very Professional and Exceptional Service.

Hazel Wiley
June 20, 2021

Everything was great! My Aunty looked beautiful and they go over and beyond to make sure the family is ok and took care of. Ms. Sandra and Destiny was there for me and my family. I appreciate yall. You

June 1, 2021

Sacred Funeral Home has been a godsend to me they were there for me when I thought my chances were slim to none . I was referred to Sacred Funeral Home by another Funeral Home the director felt that he could not help my needs to do to the cost of the actual funeral and burial, so I was referred over to Sacred Funeral Home. Mr. Jennings, a god-sent man was able to take what I had and make the most beautiful arrangement for my mother. They went above and beyond with what I had to work with. They took my mom and made her more beautiful in her death than she was alive. They brought out the essence and who she really was and what she loved to do. We where able to feel her spirit around in the room and everything was of Love Grace and GOD.

Francis, Myron, and Mr. Jennings have gone above and beyond my expectations through this process of burying my mom, this was my first funeral, They made it feel like I'm done this 10 times before. It was such an easy process with them. They just gracefully took over. I'm so indebted to Sacred Funeral Home, I just couldn't even think of how I could repay them for all the all the help and love that they shown me during this process. Myron, Francis, Mister Jennings, my heart goes out to you guys to the fullest. You guys are deeply appreciated me forever family to me in my heart I thank you so much I appreciate you!

SheBeso Fly
May 30, 2021

To the entire staff at Sacred Funeral Home, the Powell family extends a bouquet of thanks and appreciation for all you did for making our Mother's, Wilma Powell, homegoing a celebration of life indeed. From the first smile that greeted us, Destiny, to the director/owners, Chandra, Dedrick, and Myron who sculpted a beautiful program and video, to Sandra who escorted us to the church and back and took personal care of us to be sure we had all we needed and that we were alright. I know there are many more names behind the scenes that I do not know but we applaud each of you for this was indeed a Platinum service rendered by all and we will be forever grateful. With love to you, the Powell family.

Veronna, Kevin, Debra and Mickey -Powell Family
May 25, 2021

This funeral home had the best customer service out of the five funeral homes I visited when looking for my mother's final resting place. The staff were very professional and the facility was nice, clean and welcoming. I would highly recommend Sacred Funeral Home any day to anyone looking to be at peace with your loved one's homegoing celebration.

Lavar Watson
May 23, 2021

I want thank all that supported my family today in the Funeral Service of my mother, Christine Singleton. To Sacred Funeral Home (Pastor Jennings and Myron D. Sanders) you guys did an excellent job.

Paula Singleton
May 15, 2021

Thank you for such professional care of my loved one. From pick picked up to burial, no details was overlooked. My contact was Mrs. Marchant. She took my hand and lead me all the way. Mr Jennings called me at home and took much of my information over the phone. That was such a comfort. Myron did a masterful job on the video and the programs. I watch them over and over. I see why you call your service "platinum".

Wife of Thomas McIntosh

Lena McIntosh
April 12, 2021

Carolyn passed on March 29, 2021. My main concern was whether or not we would be able to view her remains during the service because she had been so sick and lost so much weight. We provided a picture of my sister prior to her illness. I was so amazed at how she looked on the day of the funeral. She was beautiful. Her make-up was definitely on point. In my opinion it takes a special person to work in this field. I think Frances was an excellent choice. She met with my family and she was very professional, caring, listened to our needs, patient and calm even when my family's emotions were displayed. She was a joy to work with. I also want to say "Thank You" to Mrs. Jennings. She met with us and made us feel assured that everything would be handled to our satisfaction. She was very "down to earth" but very professional. I cannot forget Mr. Jennings. He worked with us on the cost of the services to fit our budget and we really appreciated it. Overall, we had a very warm, personable but professional experience with Sacred Funeral Home and I would most definitely recommend them to everyone seeking help with their funeral needs.

Pat Denson-Carolyn Jackson (sister)
April 8, 2021

The service rendered to my family on yesterday 3/29/21 was simply impeccable! Our dad looked wonderful and his presentation needed no correction or adjustments! It feels good to walk into such a classy establishment and put your loved one away in style and grace!

Thank you for such a peaceful process! You all did an awesome job!!!

The Pace Family
March 30, 2021

Myron D. Sanders where do I begin? Thank You once again for rolling out The Red Carpet and giving me and my family what I will dub, “The Myron D. Sanders Platinum Experience.” When you told us not to worry about anything because...“I got you” No truer words were ever spoken. You took care of our needs from start to finish. The professional services that you all delivered were the talk of the town.

Myron, you are Amazing and a force to be reckoned with. Your professional and caring manner was everything we needed in our time of sorrow. We were blessed with the best. Thank you, Myron, for another Myron D. Sanders Platinum Experience at Sacred Funeral Home. 🙏🏽❤️

#firstclass #professional #awesomeness

Jackie Randall
March 25, 2021

Scared Funeral Home provided the Platinum services a family needs in the lost of their loved ones. After losing my husband, I can't speak highly enough of the professionalism of the staff thru out the entire process. Myron Sanders made the process not only creative, he also made it personal to include hobbies etc. in the program and booklets. All my requests were fulfilled and the service was beautiful. EVERYTHING was beautiful I would highly recommend Sacred Funeral Home.

Sherry Elaine Kenney
March 23, 2021

We would like to thank Sacred Funeral Home for the marvelous service they provided during the loss of our beloved mother, Fay Hagler. We have used other funeral homes before but Sacred’s professionalism, service, and attention to detail is unmatched.
They made this very emotional and trying time less stressful!
We would like to give special recognition to Myron Sanders who is a creative genius!

The Hagler Family

Ivan and Colette Hagler
January 17, 2021

Good afternoon. My mind was so foggy while we were dealing with my sons funeral that I forgot to put in my review how Amazing and Beautiful the programs were. We really really were so appreciative of the detail and just amazed at how they looked! Thank you for adding the basketball features because William loved basketball. The programs were just amazing. Once again we are so Thankful to Everyone for making this difficult time much easier. Thank you for all of your compassion and care. Lazerek and Felicia Phillips. Parents

Felicia Phillips
December 16, 2020

They did a wonderful job with my loved one. They treated the family with respect and dignity. This is my family new home for any funeral needs.

Katrina Ceaser
December 11, 2020

We entrusted Sacred Funeral Home for our son's services. That was the best decision we could have ever made! Pastor Dedrick Jennings treated our family with the utmost compassion, care and support. The whole staff shows genuine care and concern. I had to plan services for my 29 year old son that was killed and I was a wreck. They made my husband and I feel so at ease and we trusted them every step of the way. Due to COVID, we were not allowed to go down to the morgue and Identify our son.. After Sacred picked my son up, they cleaned him up, cut his hair and shaved him, then allowed us to view him for the first time since he passed. They did such an exceptional job, they had my son looking so good. The viewing and the actual service were so beautiful and so nice. We had the services in the chapel at Sacred and the chapel was beautiful! They allowed my husband to bring his drums in he wanted to make sure the service was more upbeat like church and we appreciated that so much! This is by far the most professional and Caring funeral home I have ever been to. I've never had to deal with this and having to bury your child is hard enough but they made the process so much easier. Also Sacred had my son looking so good... so peaceful and just so good. Thank you Pastor Jennings! Thank you Ms. Frances Davis! Thank you so much Sacred Funeral Home! The Phillips and Vance Family!

Felicia Phillips
November 30, 2020

I don’t have the words to express my gratitude. My mother died suddenly on 11-08-2020 and we buried her on 11-13-2020. The people at Sacred Funeral Home made the process so easy and lightened my load considerably! They are a wealth of knowledge, patience, and kindness and extremely easy to work with. To the staff at Sacred.. .thank you for answering the call God gave you! You have been such a blessing to me and my family! I pray that Gods continues to bless and cover you with His mighty hand!!

Maggie Berry
November 18, 2020

Thank you Myron Sanders and Sacred Funeral Home for taking care of us again today. I love y’all so much words cannot express our gratitude.

Rena Webb
September 12, 2020

I highly recommend Sacred Funeral Home. Mr. Myron Sanders, the way you exemplified compassion, class, dignity, style, and professionalism with Amar’e Robertson’s service was simply amazing. The special details, the setup of the chapel and the programs were breathtaking. You even personalized and put his name on the family car doors. You now have a family for life! We say thank you and we are sincerely pleased!

August 29, 2020

Thank you Sacred Funeral Home for such a wonderful job with my Aunt Lola Allen and to the Artiste Myron D. Sanders for the awesome programs, my family appreciated all you did to make her homecoming memorable...

Lesle Allen
August 22, 2020

Nothing can compare to the excellent service rendered by The Sacred Funeral Home.

August 5, 2020

You guys are the absolute best. Compassionate, Caring, Affordable & very Professional. Our 2nd meeting with Mr. Dedrick was like a conversation between long time friends. We appreciate that. We told him our price range & that's what we received! 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
God Bless u guys!💜

Vickie Richard-Turner
August 5, 2020

Beautiful Work!!!

Kay Bennett
June 23, 2020

I’ve known them for a few years and they are the most kindest people you’ll ever want to meet. Even though I’m originally from Louisiana, where my mom passed, they did something special for me that I’ll never forget. I’m so glad that I got the chance to meet you guys and from what I’ve seen they do pretty good work also.

Tyrone Lee
May 24, 2020

Our family wishes to thank the employees of Sacred Funeral Home for the excellent services we received recently at your establishment. Owner Dedrick Jennings and his staff were extremely kind, compassionate, and professional. The QUALITY of service was impeccable. The facility is beautifully decorated with a calming & clean atmosphere. I can’t begin to elaborate on the decor... the chandeliers, the bathroom floors, to the chapel door handles. The Jennings family definitely out did themselves with their lovely Funeral home.

Mr. Myron, the Administrator, was an amazing help. He provided our family with his personal cell number and encouraged us to call him at anytime if we needed anything. Mr. Kevin was a great help as well and professional. I personally appreciate them letting me come in and do make up and hair for my cousin. Being from the same industry in a different city, I must say... the prep room was like no other I’ve worked in. It was VERY CLEAN and their was no lingering smell of chemicals. Quite impressive. Their attention to the needs of my family and myself, along with their attention to details was greatly appreciated. I am very grateful for Dedrick and his amazing staff.

Dedrick and his staff showed great professionalism during a very difficult time for us. They made themselves available at all times during the process for any questions or requests we had. This relieved much of the anxiety knowing that things were being taken care of in a proper and professional manner.

We highly recommend this funeral home to everyone and again, many thanks.

Ashley Simone
May 24, 2020

I am very impress with their professional services. Both staff and management are very professionals, compassionate, and caring. I am happy to use them!

Douglass Sanni-Thomas
May 8, 2020

Thanks to the Sacred Funeral Home family for the awesome care of my hubby.

Pam Marshall
April 29, 2020

I'm sorry it took a month to post. I never planned a funeral before until last month, had to help my sister bury her daughter, my niece Baijha. Sacred was the first stop when seeking out where to receive Services. I must say, I was impressed and it takes a lot for me. The Service, explanation, and Communication we received was very helpful. As Dedrick mentioned “we are not the cheapest but we do pride ourselves in giving great service." And they absolutely did. When we saw the preview of my neice who passed from Cancer, she looked so much like hereself again, we could no longer be sad. She looked so peaceful. The chapel was absolutely beautiful and spacious. The process was easy. The Wake was beautiful. And the information we we were given regarding the burial was very helpful. We chose Laurel Land for the burial. Due to their snobby attitudes I'm so glad we did not use them for the funeral services. Thank you Sacred for everything from the cleanliness of your establishment, from the lobby, the Platinum floors in the women's restroom, to the care and sensitivity. I appreciate you and thank you.

Miss Shellie
March 28, 2020

First of all, the Player (Graham, Quick) families want to thank Sacred Funeral Home for everything when Verna Mae Player (Mama Player) took God's hand to Heaven when He called her name.

Sacred Funeral Home was called and Pastor Dedrick Jennings showed up and he prayed before leaving. I realize now that mama was in good hands and knew it was God that put the right funeral home in charge. Thank you Jesus.

We were called days later to come in to make arrangements, and Dedrick Jennings prayed for us before getting started. Sacred Funeral Home was a surprise to me. The building is nice and looks pretty inside. All the staff members were well dressed; in fact, after looking at Dedrick Jennings I asked him if I could wear his shoes and drive the antique car. He did tell me no both times but things got better. Sacred Funeral Home gave the Player family a $500 discount at no charge on the very first day making arrangements. The day we had the celebratory service our relative called a family member from the church about the funeral coach hearse and we were totally surprised because Sacred Funeral Home gave us an upgrade at no charge to the Rolls Royce hearse; they gave us an upgrade at no charge with the Mercedes Benz limousine van; they gave us a free big cloth memorial portrait. We got free upgrades at no cost probably worth about $1,000+. I may have forgotten some other upgrades.

Myron D. Sanders was great. Thank you Chandra Gerald-Jennings. Dedrick Jennings has preached at the church that I attend; he also was a member of the church that I attend; he is just like family.

Finally, I learned about interpersonal communication, management, servant leadership, and social responsibility in undergraduate and graduate school at Dallas Baptist University and Sacred Funeral Home has all those qualities. I highly recommend Sacred Funeral Home!

Player Family
March 16, 2020

Warren Player
March 16, 2020

Sacred provided excellent service during the most difficult time of my life. They helped me make decisions about my mother’s cremation. Thanks for your work.

Wanda Lewis
March 15, 2020

Sacred staff did an exceptional job beyond what my family could image for my mom and her homecoming. The staff treated us as they were part of our family. The memorial portrait given to our family was a blessing and surprise gift. If you want a funeral home that will ease your burdens and concerns doing a tough time. Sacred funeral home and staff will treat and provide your family the Best service. I highly recommend them.

Keith Player
March 11, 2020

Awesome funeral home and staff. Thanks to Kevin for working our relative funeral.

Wanda Hutchinson
March 10, 2020

A very special thanks to Mr. Dedrick (owner) and Mr. Myron (manager) for their outstanding service. Besides Mr. Myron debonair style, he and Mr. Jennings made our experience at Sacred incredible and I am so appreciate for services rendered and how my family and I was treated. We highly recommend Sacred!

Simone Scott
March 9, 2020

This funeral home handle the services of my good friend Jamal Patterson. He looked great, their presentation was great. Kudos to Sacred!

Christopher Langston
March 4, 2020

The staff was exceptional, caring and gentle at a difficult time for my family. The facility was perfect.

Angela Dunn
March 2, 2020

When our hearts were broken from the loss of our aunt, Chandra and Myron were the finest people to deal with. They both are very knowledgeable and compassionate. Our deep appreciation goes to the both of them for the services provided.

Bobby Young
February 18, 2020

Words cannot express how professional the people are here. We were provided with excellent customer service during our must difficult time. We entrusted them with our mother (Dorothy Young) and we must say she was simply beautiful from beginning to end. Thank you so much Myron Sanders and Sacred Funeral Home.

From Sharon, Dorothy and Steve

Rena Young
February 18, 2020

Sacred Funeral Home! There is no funeral home in Dallas that can compete with Sacred (their professional staff, beautiful facility, classic fleet, and presentation of their bodies is second to none). The owners Dedrick & Chandra Jennings and the manager Myron Sanders is the bomb!

Gwendolyn Westridge
February 10, 2020

Dedrick, his wife Chandra, and staff took good care of my mother and made sure she was laid to rest professionally and with care. They were all caring and gentle with us during our time of grieving and full of emotions. My mother’s funeral was beautiful and she looked amazing. I thank God for them, and pray that they continue helping other families didn’t that their difficult times of needs.
The McIntyre Family

Shermetra McIntyre
January 31, 2020

Sacred Funeral Home went above and beyond my expectations, the staff is very helpful and friendly, their assistance was greatly appreciated they made me feel like my family in our time of grieving was their main focus, we didn't feel like another customer we felt like family. They took their time and made sure to get everything right, I wouldn't have chosen any other funeral home to see to the arrangements for my loved one other than Sacred I'm very happy I choose them for funeral arrangements. The facility was clean and very beautiful, I will refer anyone to use Sacred Funeral Home over anyone else they are the best, your love one deserves the best. Thank you Sacred.

Jarroyd Taylor
January 2, 2020

We just wanted to say Sacred Funeral home is TOP notch! We are so glad we chose them for my beloved mother Glenda Taylor funeral! We where very shocked by her passing and still in disbelief but we know God is able God! Sacred, thank you so much for your tender hand and love to our mother. Mr. Jennings thanks you so much for everything, we love you for the awesome service and compassion that you have showed us! Also, Mr. Bruce Kelley thank you for being/treating us like family...our hearts smile at your professionalism. Thank you, thank you! God Bless!

Ceicily Taylor- Callaway and Jarroyd Taylor
December 28, 2019

I would like to thank EVERYONE that sent their condolences, cards, flowers, money, time, and being soooooooooo solid through this difficult time in me and my families life😔We are extremely devastated, I don’t think I will ever be the same after seeing my son in a casket before me.... my 15 year old son at that! For the LORD is my strength. Just know I am truly greatful for each of you! I am sooo grateful for Mrs. Chandra Gerald Jennings, her husband Mr. Jennings, Mr. Myron and the Sacred Funeral Home staff for the outstanding job they did with my son while he was in their care! He looked sooooo good.Thank you! Thank you! 😘 God Bless Everyone! I love you!!❤️

Shamekia White
November 18, 2019

I would like to thank all those that expressed their condolences to us, Mikell “Kel” Phillips Family.. A very special thanks to Mr. Jennings, especially Mrs. Chandra Gerald Jennings and Mr. Myron Sanders. They treated us and Kel with the upmost care and love. They went far above and beyond what was expected from the arrangements, the viewing and they even showed up and served us at the funeral service. God bless everyone.

Phillips Family
November 17, 2019

I would like to give a shout to Sacred Funeral home. The entire service was awesome. From the beginning to the end. Bro. & Sis. Jennings went far and beyond our expectations. Myron Sanders you are the bomb too. I love y'all so much for helping us get though this day. Thank you from the Tucker family.

Catina Tucker-Moore
September 26, 2019

This was a time in my life where I was Sad, Afraid, Nervous, and just Lost. The staff here at Sacred Funeral Home really did take my brother and I by the hand from the beginning to the end. They made this time so easy and very comforting to go through. We received nothing but great compliments on our Mother's services. I say go where they care, I say go to Sacred Funeral Home.

Sheila Willis
September 9, 2019

This was my first time going here but I felt warm. it was clean and well cared for with love.

Margie Bonner
August 31, 2019

Sacred Funeral Home has An Awesome and Amazing Staff! Sincere, humble plus their Caring SPIRIT gives the family the support and nurturing that is needed in making decisions for their Love One🙏🏽❤️You can’t ask for anything more...I Highly Recommend Sacred Funeral Home to take care of your Family...

Mary Webb Spigner
August 21, 2019

We have used Sacred Funeral Home for three (3) relatives and this staff have treated us each time with the upmost dignity. Sacred staff is beyond excellent. The building, set up and presentation of the bodies were very nice and elegant. Keep serving God's people.

Ruth Gordon
August 1, 2019

God Bless Sacred Funeral Home and Staff!!!

Weldon Hatcher
July 24, 2019

Words alone cannot express the gratitude and appreciation for the services your staff rendered for my cousin Courtney. Thank you for your professionalism, compassion and understanding that you extended to my family. Your service to us made our burden much easier to bear. We are grateful to you for making our family very happy.

L. Tillis
July 15, 2019

Ms. Chandra, Mr. Dedrick and Mr. Myron, thank you for all your assistance with our father's funeral and arrangements (your professionalism and attention to detail was simply remarkable). Everything you did and all the time you spent with us made us feel so loved, comfortable and cared for. This was the classiest funeral service I have ever attended and the nicest funeral home I have ever visited. You all are 5 stars*****

Janet Rogers
June 18, 2019

There are no words to express our gratitude and appreciation for the services your staff rendered. Thank you for your love, patience, compassion and kindness that you extended to my family. Your service to us made our burden much easier to bear.
-Lee Williams

Lee Williams
June 14, 2019

Sacred Funeral Home is the most beautiful funeral I've ever seen. Keep up the great work and know that you will always have my support.

Bobbie Murphy
June 12, 2019

Thank you Sacred Funeral Home for the Platinum Services rendered to my family “The McCutchins Family” and for helping us during this very difficult time. A very special thanks to Mrs. Chandra Jennings and Mr. Myron Sanders for your outstanding and professional service. You two individuals made this process so easy beginning when we first notified you of our loved one’s death. Your kindness and concern for our family means a great deal to us. Your facility is breath taking gorgeous! I highly recommend this staff and funeral home to any and all in need of funeral services and support.

Joycelyn McCutchins
June 6, 2019

Oh my God, I had the pleasure of visiting your Funeral Home a couple of weeks ago and I must admit, it is breath taking. Sacred is the most beautiful funeral facility (Black Owned and Operated) that I've ever had the pleasure of walking through - I was so amazed. I have already shown my son Myron the casket and "The Crystal Suite" Viewing Room that I desire when I transition. May God's blessings continue to be with Sacred Funeral Home and Staff.

Alisha Sanders-Byrd
May 8, 2019

Beautiful service and celebration for Niki! The Sacred staff was so incredibly compassionate. It's people like you that make difficult times of loss a little easier.
Thank you for being so good at what you do and know that you are fulfilling your calling.💜

Tina Baker
March 5, 2019

Platinum all the way!!! Professional staff and caring souls.

Lenora Blessed Lindsey
February 26, 2019

Thanks Sacred for your services, we were honored to have Frank Hasty as the driver at one of our events. He was very professional and kept us smiling even though we didn't feel like being cheerful considering the circumstances. Mr. Hasty help make our day special. Mr. Hasty should be commended for a job well done, I will be more than happy to refer your services to other family members and friends. Thank you,

S. Stoker

S. Stoker
February 21, 2019

When you think of a Funeral Home one usually thinks of sadness of loosing a loved one. However, our experience with Sacred and the Owners, Mr And Mrs Jennings was the opposite. Our daughter is getting married and we ordered a chauffeured vehicle for her Bachelorette Party to travel in for safety reasons. She was surprised and loved the Party Bus! Thank you Mr Jennings for keeping them safe to and fro as they celebrated her upcoming Nuptials and giving her parents peace of mind!!
Pastor Emeritus Coleman & Ms Amy January 26, 2019

Amy Lee-Coleman
February 3, 2019

We would like to Thank the Sacred Funeral Home for such a wonderful job that they did on my father in law Leonard Beasley. It was such a blessing to have someone you know and trust to handle your love one in this time of bereavement.

Thank you again
The Beasley

The Beasley
December 28, 2018

I was very skeptical about using the newly open funeral home in Cedar Hill for my mother's homecoming. I took the chance and they did a wonderful job on her. She looked beautiful they had her looking very rich and elegant with a smile on her face. Our family has found a new funeral home who we trust.I can call her anytime with questions. I'm happy to call Scared Funeral Home family. Thank You So much!!

Gayla G. Shine Beaty
October 25, 2018

If you want to entrust your loved one to a funeral home that cares, choose Sacred. Excellent work and professional service. We entrusted them with our mother and our brother. I would recommend them on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest score 20+. I love � this funeral home and the owners. Impeccable work and unbelievable passionate service.

October 25, 2018

Thank to Sacred Funeral Home for serving my family in the home going service of our brother/uncle/cousin Vernon “Skipper” Sanders Jr. Chandra Gerald-Jennings and staff did an exceptionally good job on my brother. I couldn’t have been more pleased and my family says Thank You.

If you are searching for a funeral home to trust your love one to, Sacred Funeral Home is the place.

Again Thank You Sacred Funeral Home.

Beverly Crawford
September 15, 2018

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