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Sacred Funeral Home is here to serve and care for you and your loved one during this time of bereavement. Our years of professional service is what gives us the title of Platinum Service. We cater to you and put Platinum care into our service for your loved one. We are able to cater to your special needs and will outline a package of total care that will soar far above the highest caliber. Our professional staff is just a call away.

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First of all, the Player (Graham, Quick) families want to thank Sacred Funeral Home for everything when Verna Mae Player (Mama Player) took God's hand to Heaven when He called her name.

Sacred Funeral Home was called and Pastor Dedrick Jennings showed up and he prayed before leaving. I realize now that mama was in good hands and knew it was God that put the right funeral home in charge. Thank you Jesus.

We were called days later to come in to make arrangements, and Dedrick Jennings prayed for us before getting started. Sacred Funeral Home was a surprise to me. The building is nice and looks pretty inside. All the staff members were well dressed; in fact, after looking at Dedrick Jennings I asked him if I could wear his shoes and drive the antique car. He did tell me no both times but things got better. Sacred Funeral Home gave the Player family a $500 discount at no charge on the very first day making arrangements. The day we had the celebratory service our relative called a family member from the church about the funeral coach hearse and we were totally surprised because Sacred Funeral Home gave us an upgrade at no charge to the Rolls Royce hearse; they gave us an upgrade at no charge with the Mercedes Benz limousine van; they gave us a free big cloth memorial portrait. We got free upgrades at no cost probably worth about $1,000+. I may have forgotten some other upgrades.

Myron D. Sanders was great. Thank you Chandra Gerald-Jennings. Dedrick Jennings has preached at the church that I attend; he also was a member of the church that I attend; he is just like family.

Finally, I learned about interpersonal communication, management, servant leadership, and social responsibility in undergraduate and graduate school at Dallas Baptist University and Sacred Funeral Home has all those qualities. I highly recommend Sacred Funeral Home!

Player Family
March 16, 2020

Warren Player

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